Allergy FAQ’s

Did you know that animals suffer from the same kind of allergens that make humans miserable?

Allergy FAQ’s

Did you know that animals suffer from the same kind of allergens that make humans miserable?

You might be surprised to read that allergies in pets are among their most common chronic medical conditions. When pets struggle with allergies, pet owners often don’t know how to help them. That is why at Harvest Pointe Animal Hospital, we ensure that everyone in the Edmonton area has access to a vet who understands pet allergy concerns and treatments.

There are a few Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Allergies that we regularly receive at the Harvest Pointe Animal Hospital. They are:

How did my pet get allergies?

There are several ways that pets can acquire allergies. Like humans, animals typically have a predisposition to developing allergies from birth, although they may not have exposure to their allergen until a later age. Their immune system then recognizes the allergen as foreign, leading to a severe reaction.

Are pet allergies permanent?

Like people, pets will suffer from allergies to some extent for the rest of their lives. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t treatment options that can make the symptoms better. At Harvest Pointe Animal Hospital, our job is to help you help your pet manage allergy symptoms.

What are the signs and symptoms of pet allergies?

If our pets are suffering from allergies, they will often present in different ways. For example, some might start scratching all the time, while others might have bouts of sneezing. There may also be eyes, nose, or ears discharge. These symptoms are equally indicative of allergies in pets.

Trust our Professionals at the Harvest Pointe Animal Hospital

These are only a few of the many pet allergy questions we regularly receive.
If your pet is suffering from allergies, he or she must be treated by a trained professional to alleviate symptoms and discomfort.

Our veterinarians train extensively in the latest allergy treatment options, and we are proud to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to every itchy, drippy, sneezy pet who comes through our doors!

If your pet is suffering from allergies, our team at Harvest Pointe Animal Hospital can help!


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